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Qmenta’s globally scalable AI-powered solution simplifies compliant medical imaging data collection, with automatic anonymization, quality checks and modality tagging. With over 50 proprietary and standard biomarker tools and more than 10 million brain images labeled and managed, they enable their customers to consistently derive quantified insights at higher quality, faster, and at lower cost


Qmenta and L&P Executives started the collaboration with the goal of increasing Qmenta’s customer base within different regions across Europe and the US, and positioning Qmenta across various markets.


L&P Executives dedicated a team of experienced sales consultants with the goal of generating new qualified leads for Qmenta and closing new deals.

Using a variety of sales methodologies, including cold calling, LinkedIn, and Email outreach backed with the Value Selling methodology.


During total of nine months of collaboration, L&P Executives generated more than 70+ leads and 10+ SQL (sales qualified leads), targeting decision makers within healthcare industry. The main outcome of the collaboration was closed deals with the value north of 330+ thousand Euros.

Accomplishing and exceeding goals that were set at the beginning of the collaboration.

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Qmenta and L&P Executives started the collaboration with the goal of positioning Qmenta across various markets.