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Chief Operating Officer

Vlad Pavic

An accomplished and energetic COO with 18+ years of experience handling negotiations, business development and relationship management across a number of industries including Retail, Automotive, IT and Oil and Gas throughout Australia and Europe. I remain focused on client satisfaction and building strong business alliances as well as negotiating and closing business deals.


Running, Socializing, Family Holidays, Charity Work

Most memorable moment

The birth of my two daughters


Choosing not to pick up the accordion at a young age (despite greatest efforts from my dad)

Favorite Life Quotes

‘Whatever you share more of you have less of. Except love. Love multiplies when you share it’, ‘Everyone is born to die once. Honor and shame live forever’

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Lazic

A self-made, multi-lingual (5 languages), professional within international management and growth, who has gained valuable experience, through several challenging roles within ConTech, HealthTech, HR-Tech, financial services and consulting services, from Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, the UAE and the USA. In total, carrying a proven track record of almost two


Professional amateur tennis pundit (I like tennis).
Self-proclaimed Nobel Prize winner within literature (I like to write).
Freud’s unborn son (I like to study psychology).
The best pilot which NASA has never seen (I like astronomy).

Biggest Wish

Visit Mars
Worldwide free trade
A world without politicians
A world without mainstream media

Favorite Chef

Wolfgang Puck

Greatest person to ever walk the planet

Nikola Tesla

Head of Strategic Ventures

Alex Arnaut

Sales and business professional, with extensive experience in sales, business development, partnerships, fundraising, team management and business model development. I have worked with more than 100+ established companies and startups helping them gain a competitive edge and carry out their sales goals by developing their sales strategy and execution.



Favourite Podcasts

Masters of Scale
StartUp – Gimlet
All-in Podcast

Favorite city I visited


Life Quote

Be impatient with action but patient with results.

Director of Business Development

Lala Abbasova

Born in Azerbaijan, found in Serbia. Studied in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, graduated at the faculty of Business Administration and Management. A multilingual individual (5 languages in total), communicative, open minded and loyal. My career path started in the banking sector, and after working both with private individuals and corporate clients, I continued my journey into the world of consulting with L&P Executives as a Business Development Director. A new but so far extremely enjoyable chapter within the sales consultancy sector.


Yoga, kick boxing, hiking.

Favorite Quote

“The best way to predict the future is to create one”

The Big Dream

To surf in Bali.


Mother of three and a cat.

Director Of Business Development

Stefan Peric

An efficient, honest and highly organized perfectionist with background in veterinary medicine, agriculture and the entertainment industry. Having co-founded a number of businesses, a love for sales was born through this process. Working in sales gives me the drive I need and since joining L&P Executives, I’ve been very fortunate to obtain extensive experience within ConTech and various AI Solutions, amongst others.


I enjoy go-kart racing, rafting and going to the shooting range.

Favorite Movie



Luck is when preparation meets opportunity


If I'm not at the office, you can find me cooking or eating.

Senior Account Director

Daniel Scanlon

Born in the UK, I split my time growing up between there and the Netherlands. I obtained a first class degree in European Studies and History at Nottingham Trent University, with a year abroad in Budapest, Hungary. After a brief stint working in the UK I packed my bags to move to Herceg Novi, Montenegro to start my career in sales. After moving to Belgrade, I met the L&P Team where I have risen to Account Director focusing within Biotech and Construction, but a proven track record across other industries.


Travel (54 countries and counting)
Groundhopping (Watched games at 600 grounds and counting)
Following Red Star Belgrade (Any sport)

Favourite Place

As I can’t pick Belgrade - Moscow, Russia. Words can’t describe the awe, history and splendour of a truly world-class city. I spent two days riding the metro alone on my first visit. Honourable mentions to Delhi, India and Budapest, Hungary.

Dream trip

Visiting Buenos Aires to watch Boca Juniors v River Plate (If you know, you know). Tokyo and Seoul are high on the wish list.

Favourite Quote

You only live once? False. You live every day. You only die once.

Head of Client Network Expansion

Katarina Vucetic

Graduate of the University of Belgrade, I hold a bachelors in English, and a Master’s in Marketing. In recent years, I carried out various roles at EY and Blackrock, within their Business Development and Marketing teams and have also worked with a number of start-ups and non-profit organizations.

The skills harnessed, allowed me to transition into L&P Executives, where I currently lead the Sales Executive team.

Most likely to find me

On the beach

Past times

Watching documentaries about archaeology, science & the Universe.

Country I’ve always wanted to visit

Looking to visit as many countries as possible, but one that I’m dying to visit is definitely Australia.

What makes me happy

Creating a list of new dishes, I’m planning on trying while watching ‘Somebody Feed Phil’

Business Development Specialist

Teodora Pavlovic

Graduated at the University of Belgrade with a bachelor degree in English. I spent a number of years working in various consulting and customer service-related roles. This is where the passion for sales came from. During the last 5+ years of my career, I have mainly spent working for companies across the IT and FinTech sectors.


Mentoring and baking


Tv-shows and drawing



Motivational Quote

A successful person is someone who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them.