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With our partner we were tasked with sourcing projects and partnerships within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology space.

Their services include:

Nano/Micro particles

Work with Nano and Microparticles in order to enhance bioavailability or stability, prevent fed/fasted state differences as well as innovative particle formulations designed to maximize the benefits of the particulate system based on application route.

Enhancement of GMP compliance

Technology transfer of a proprietary technology to enhance GMP compliance and efficiency of the production process of already existing Nano and Microparticles formulation.

Optimization of cultivation processes

Production of yeast, bacteria and micro-algae, in the optimization of cultivation processes for higher biomass and product yields.

Cell rupture method

Proprietary method for cell rupture, which works in the disintegration of all kind of biologic materials such as microorganisms, mammalian cells and plant leaf extracts.


We were tasked by our partner to increase the revenue of the company, by selling into mid-large pharmaceutical companies, seeking new research projects along with the implementation of their services across Europe before expanding globally.


L&P Executives was able to implement an agile team that was trained and came up to speed quickly to generate a consistent pipeline of leads utilizing the value selling methodology though a mix of LinkedIn, Cold Calling and emailing. With time, L&P Executives handled all stages of the sales cycle through to close with assistance of the technical team of our partner.


During the 23 months of collaboration, L&P Executives were able to bring an average of 8-14 leads per month, with the final 2Q of our collaboration averaging 1 proposal or technical discussion per month. In the final 4 months of during the collaboration we were able to closed in excess of €300,000 of deals across Europe, as well as representing the partner MyBiotech at the World Pharmaceutical Convention in Germany

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We were tasked by our partner to increase the revenue of the company, by selling into mid-large pharmaceutical companies.