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Glaass provide modular construction management software that helps general contractors save time, reduce mistakes, and connect teams through one simple organized platform. Glaass connects contractors, clients and subcontractors together to view real-time analytics to mitigate delays. Designed by construction professionals, Glaass is available on any device, online or offline, wherever you are.

Glaass has partnered with L&P Executives on our Full Sales Cycle package to close deals across continents and get Infront of companies from small in stature to internationally renowned tier 1 contractors working on multi billion-dollar projects.


To build a sales process from the ground up with the aim of bringing Glaass to Tier 1 construction companies globally, with clear sales goals and targets in mind. Glaass required L&P Executives to become the internal sales team to grow revenue year on year.


L&P Executives initially began with our sales consultancy and relevant training of the internal Glaass sales team, before organically expanding to our full sales service with a core focus on Europe and Australia. In addition a clear road map to bring new North American projects was established and implemented. Our global sales team took the reins of the overall sales process and closed deals across the desired markets.


By generating high-quality leads, we have been able to have achieve increased and more consistent sales. Over the last 12-months we have closed nearly 3 times more deals compared to the previous 12-month period.

In the first 6 months of working with the full sales cycle package there were 9 proposals pending closure, including tier 1, with 1 closed deal with an increasingly shortened sales cycle.

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We were tasked by our client Glaass to build a sales process from the ground up with the aim of bringing them to Tier 1 construction companies globally.